A network built with the independent musical entrepreneur in mind to help you earn commission while building your creative assets. Join our network and become a positive jukebox affiliate today.

Our goal and mission is to bring the world of creatives and music talent together by offering creative production services for independent musicians in order to help build their artist assets. The artist assets that we create include but are not limited to web design, graphic design, music visualizers, lyric videos and music videos.

We offer a commission based referral programme that allows for music participants to economically budget their expenditure through the earnings that they receive, from shared product sales in our store, while substantially building on their marketing assets.

The commission that they acquire can be used to further promote their music online, at various events, concerts and over music streaming platforms.



One of the major qualities of having a music video as an artist is that it helps invoke a reaction among music listeners so they can remember the song as the visuals are imprinted in the mind.

The music visualizer will provide a means for the artist in which to showcase their musical talent in a visually appealing abstract manner and will bring life to the music that he or she performs on record.

Now, a vast majority of artists make ‘lyric videos’ for their songs due to them being more affordable and also beneficial to have, simply because of low costs and more views one may receive.

An effective website is essential for any musician as it places all your music, photos and video’s in one location. This centralizes a musician’s social media and music content for true to heart fans.

To get people to come to shows, buy merch, buy albums, listen to new music, etc. you need to be connecting with them physically and digitally. Being on social media can help you bridge the gap between you and your audience. It can connect you to fans and help humanize you.

Your band may create beautiful music, but without attractive artwork, it may go unnoticed. Good album artwork is visually appealing yet incorporates the music and musicians into it. In order to attract listeners, we make sure your artwork not only looks interesting, but also represents your brand.

If you have a playist/several playlists of your own then at no extra cost you can add up to a maximum of 3 playlists to our website. Your playlist needs to have at least 500 followers. This offer is exclusive only to Jukebox Affiliate members.

The referral programme provides the affiliate with an opportunity in which to generate exponential income for themselves with our marketing juice, while further promoting their music through the various music marketing channels out there.

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