This payment referal is based on first hand sales without the customer using any other referal link except the one sent to them by the affiliate. If a customer visits the site through your link and you the affiliate has approached the customer first without them having been approached by any other affiliates, then the affiliate will receive the full commission based upon the level that they are on.




Product Price X 15% = Commission Value (Commision Value is given to affiliate)
$100 X 15% = $15 ($15 is given to affiliate)

This payment is based upon the number of times 1 customer has been referred to the same web page or website by different affiliates. In this case the commission is split amongst the different affiliates.




Product Price X 15% = commission value / 4 affiliates = commission value per affiliate
$100 X 15% = $15/4 = $3,75 per affiliate

This payment is based upon the sub-affiliates that fall under the parent affiliate, therefore if an affiliate refers one member, the affiliate will receive their commission of 10%. The affiliate will then become a parent to the reffered member and the reffered member will become a child to the parent. The parent will always earn an added percentage from the child-affiliate. The percentage is determined by the level in which the child is on. There are 4 levels in the matrix of which the percentage is reduced the further you go down in the levels.




Level 1 = An added 25% of commision value
Level 2 = An added 20% of commission value
Level 3 = An added 15% of commission value
Level 4 = An added 10% of commision value

We have provided you with five ways in which to share our services with potential customers, which can be explained below

By setting up your campaigns you will have an understanding of the best strategy you can utilize in which to market to customers. Campaigns are personal at PC4MYJUKEBOX and is really made for the individual affiliate who is serious and wants to know how to better market their campaigns. By giving different names to your campaigns you can always check in the reporting how your campaigns are doing and decide which strategy works best for you.

The referral link is assigned to each member upon the point of registration, after which the affiliate may choose to accustomise his or her link to make it a lot more readable. associated with each referrers link is a QR code, which he or she can download and share with their various target markets.

We have various banner images accustomed with various sizing in order for the affiliate to include on their personal website. With each banner image the affiliate will be traced accordingly and assigned to the referred customer whenever a sale is made.

By making use of the affiliate bar the affiliate can share page links with potential customers over social media networks. By clicking on the chosen social link they will need to sign in and then send their posts out to their particular networks. like the banner images the affiliate will be traced accordingly and assigned to the referred customer whenever a sale is made.

We have a custom made tab in which you can invite your friends to share with them the opportunity for branding and growing their artist assets while increasing their earning potential. This is great if you are looking for a networking team where by you can network with others you are familiar with and who understand your genre and musical tastes.

You may view how your sales are doing by looking through the reports and payments tabs, Each sale and reporting is different for each affiliate however the principles are the same. Depending on how much it is that you earn, will determine your ability to request payouts. This will usually occur when at least 3 or more sales are made.

You can make a payout request before the Friday of each week. We make payouts every Friday to those who have made their request before the end of the week. If you have not done so, you will then have to wait till the end of the following week.

By viewing the navigation tab under client portal you will be able to communicate with us through the private messaging system and share your brief with us. We will communicate on your project related to your selected package or product. We will be sending you three options to choose from regarding video projects and websites related to your brief as well as providing you with links where you can dowwnload your finalised projects.