PMAC THE WORLD WE LIVING IN is an album most certainly relevant for those struggling in tough economic times today and was written over a period of eight years through the struggles and hardships that the artist PMAC saw people experiencing and even moreso, the struggles that he faced on a daily. It borrows its sounds from that of classic hip hop music, however combines this with thoughts related to the present. With hard hitting tracks to the heart such as “The World We Living In”, “Resolved Enigmas”, “This Little Light Of Mine” and “The Gift Of A Smile” It may be relevant to one or many of the experiences that you may be going through in today’s challenging economic times. With true to life lyrics, hard hitting base and drum beats, the album is set to take you on a journey that will soothe both your soul and body in whatever problems you may be going through. As igniting as it sounds, the songs are for those with an introspective mind. The sound is classic hip hop that is relevant and soul tantilizing, not to mention ear candy all at once. Get your copy today.

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