Lyric Video

$ 300.00




Words to song presented in visually appealing manner

Artist images to be included in video

Creating beautiful abstract elements to work alongside lyrics

Video supplied in HD and MP4 quality




YouTube is the number one way for artists to reach people and gain attraction ❤️ to their music. But are you able to afford professional music video productions for each song you release?

Unless you are a well-known artist with a large following, it is unlikely you can afford to make a music video for each one of your songs. However, you do have to have your songs on YouTube in order for people to see/hear them. Now, a vast majority of artists make ‘lyric videos’ for their songs due to them being more affordable 💵💲 and also beneficial to have, simply because of low costs and more views.

Getting views on songs/videos on YouTube can be challenging for artists and can also be very frustrating. It can be more frustrating when you get few views on a video 🎥🎵 you spent a large budget on. It can be difficult producing a video that will interest and entertain viewers who could be watching a thousand other music videos. If a video isn’t interesting, or even outrageous, fans get bored and lose interest which means they won’t share it with other people. However, lyric videos are advantageous 👍 for various reasons.

Fans enjoy watching them | They are cheaper to produce | Each one is different.

Work Example

Workflow Process

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