Music Video

$ 1,714.29




Working with supplied green screen footage and audio from artist

Incorporating green screen footage within a motion graphic scenery

Color grading of music video

Providing graphics for the music video




One of the major qualities of having a music video as an artist is that it helps invoke a reaction among music listeners so they can remember the song as the visuals are imprinted in the mind. Furthermore by having a music video it helps to give the audience a better understanding of the song and therefore places meaning into words, which further enhances the emotion of a song. With the amount of musicians out there in the market place by just having audio and no visuals, it makes it difficult for the artist to stand out, let alone be recognized, and therefore the music video helps to develop the artists brand/identity, which further increases the profile of the band or artist. With the placement potential that one has for a music video on channels such as YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo and etc. The music video therefore serves as an extra extension of the artists income revenue stream.

Work Example

Workflow Process

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