Website Design

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Artist Biography

Artist Gallery

Artist Music & Music Video

Links to Social Media Networks

Links to Music networks such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple

Merch Store

Artist Management Contact Details



An effective website is essential for any musician as it is the one place that can host all your music, photos and video’s in one place.  There are many benefits of websites for musicians that are essential as it creates a platform for all musician’s social media and music content.

Have a look at artist websites on the Internet and you’ll notice that you will quickly decide whether you like the singer’s website in about ten seconds. The importance of making the singer’s website easy on the eye and engaging to the user is essential.

This could mean that you have about ten seconds to keep people on your website before they click away, start doing something else and forget about you.

One of the main benefits of websites for musicians is to drive traffic from your social media. Social media should be engaging people to click on the link to your actual website! It’s the only place that people can get a clear snapshot of what you do and encourage them to see you live, buy your music/merchandise and get a different vibe of what you are about; music can be visual too!

Workflow Process

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