14% Persistent Commission from Artist Shop

Members receiving 14% commission are those that have registered and joined, anyone can register and join. For every referal that they bring to the site, they will receive 14% commission through their referrals of the products purchased in the Artist Shop excluding subscription packages.

14% Persistent Commission on Product Sales

Get 14% Persistent Commission from product sales in our Artist Shop excluding the subscription packages. All that is required is for you to follow the simple easy step of registering on our site and that is it.

You will receive a 14% commission from any of your referred members that purchase a product from our Artist Shop.
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25% Persistent Commission from Artist Shop + 12.5% Commission from Music Shop

Members that choose to purchase albums from our Music Shop will receive 25% Commission from selected products in our Artist Shop excluding subscription packages and an additional 12.5% from album sales.

25% Persistent Commission on Product Sales

Purchase the latest album release from PMAC's The World We Living In and any of the other artists we promote here and get entered into our 25% Persistent Commissions (PC) programme.

By becoming a regular Jukebox Affiliate member you get to receive a 14% commission based upon your referrals purchase, therefore everytime you refer a customer to us and they purchase a product, you will receive a 14% commission from the sales revenue.

If however you support the artists we promote here, by purchasing their singles/albums we will include you into our 25% Persistent Commissions programme whereby you will receive a 25% commission everytime your referral makes a purchase from our store of products included in the plan.

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25% Discount on selected Products Within Our Artist Shop

Choose to follow, like and become a regular listener to our Millenial Mix Playlists and receive a 25% discount for 20 product purchases from our Artist Shop excluding subscriptions.

25% Discount on Products

Follow any one of our Millenial Mix playlists, become a regular listener today and support other artists.

Musicians are always looking to get their creative abilities heard and we support them by providing a means in which to gain regular exposure while remaining attractive to their fans. In return what we are offering is to provide you with a discount coupon of 25% on any of the products that we sell in our store. This excludes the subscription packages and singles/albums that we are promoting. This discount coupon is valid for 20 purchased items within our store, which include Lyric Videos, Music Visualizers, Single/Album Cover Designs, Social Media Designs and Website Designs.

These elements are there to develop your artist assets as a musician and grow your marketing brand.

Simply by applying the coupon code, that we send you, you are eligible to receive a 25% discount on 20 selected products from our shop.

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